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Product Liability

South Florida Product Liability Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco, our South Florida product liability attorneys understand how law can protect consumers against the harm defective products can pose.

When a consumer suffers injury due to a defective product, there are different parties that may be held liable for releasing a product into the stream of commerce that they knew or should have known posed a risk to users of that product. For example, there may be grounds to file a lawsuit against the distributer, wholesaler or manufacturer of the defective product, depending on the particular type of product defect.  Under Florida and federal law, the two most common categories of product defect are either design defect or manufacturing defect. 

Product liability legal claims can be filed for some of the following reasons:

  • Product Design Defects – a defect in the original blueprint, the way the product was designed has made it dangerous – whether it is the product itself or its packaging.
  • Manufacturing Defects – there is some material used in the product that has made it dangerous; ex. faulty wiring, poor construction, etc.
  • Failure to Warn / Marketing Defects – the instructions which were included with the product failed to warn the user of possible dangers or the consequences of improper use.

If you or someone you know has been injured by a defective product, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco will review your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation.  We are always on your side!

Learn more about your rights as a consumer and product liability legal defense by calling the Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco, P.A. for a FREE consultation at 954-888-8998 x2 for Broward and Miami-Dade, 561-515-7273 for Palm Beach County, or simply submit your request online.

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