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Domestic Violence accounts for one of the most reported crimes in Florida. It is an area of crime that not only involves an assault, but it is also usually accompanied by strong, personal emotions among both the plaintiff and defendant. Although a domestic violence case involves the plaintiff as someone in a close personal relationship with the defendant, the criminal charges are no less severe. Actually, the penalties involved with domestic violence charges in Florida may result with many serious consequences, such as long term incarceration, loss of home and child visitation rights. It’s important to hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer to be by your side.

Every relationship will experience its highs and lows. All families and married couples argue and have disagreements. However, when an altercation becomes violent or evolves into any type of abuse, you have the right to protect yourself. Domestic abuse shows itself in many forms, including emotional, physical and verbal. And in too many cases, by the time police are called, family members have been suffering for quite some time.

The following are some categories of domestic abuse:

• Assault – threatening to harm another person
• Battery – Physically harming another person
• Child Abuse
• Kidnapping (False Imprisonment) – includes a parent without custody taking their child without permission
• Sexual Battery
• Spousal Abuse
• Stalking – repeatedly harassing

The worst part about domestic violence is no-one wins. In many cases, the person assaulted does not want the abuser to be punished. In other circumstances, an innocent spouse is charged with a crime when they were really just protecting themselves with self defense.

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Bosco, P.A. is a tough team of South Florida Domestic lawyers in Fort Lauderdale who understand the emotional, devastating and complicated circumstances involved in Domestic Violence arrests. We have been defending clients accused of violent crimes for more than 12 years. Our team will begin working on your case right away to provide the best legal defense possible.

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